25-27 April 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

Is a Meta-Collaboration for the Seafood Industry the answer?

Tom Pickerell

Executive Director - Global Tuna Alliance

Martin Exel

Managing Director - SeaBOS

Sam Grimley

Executive Director - Sea Pact

Rob Johnson

Founder/President - Blue Bridge Consulting

Helen Packer

Lead, Seafood Stewardship Index - World Benchmarking Alliance

Andrea Weber

Vice President Corporate Responsibility - METRO AG

Herman Wisse

Executive Director - Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI)

Is a Meta-Collaboration for the Seafood Industry the answer?

"Initiative overload" is commonly heard in seafood circles. There remains a plethora of issues that companies face in ensuring the seafood they sell meets environmental and social responsibility standards, and many programs and tools exist to assist. It feels that may be close to saturation point; feedback from companies supports this and we are at risk of overwhelming those companies looking to make changes. An alternative approach may be to increase collaboration via a 'meta-collaboration' whereby economies of scale can be employed, redundancies eliminated and companies can engage in a more holistic approach. This session explores how such a meta-collaboration could be developed, demonstrates worked examples where a meta-collaboration has been used, seeks feedback from interested companies and offers a new approach to improving seafood sustainability.

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