23-25 April 2024 | Barcelona, Spain

Reviewing the Resilience of the EU Processing Industry and Planning for Future Transformation

Apr 25 2023

15:00 - 16:00

CC 5.2

This presentation will start with an overview of the current status of the EU processing industry including production, trade and market trends. Speakers will discuss the current socio-economic situation taking into consideration the impact of COVID-19 and the Ukraine-Russia conflict on the seafood sector. Over the past couple years, the sector has remained resilient and competitive in an environment of uncertainty and constant change.

Next, speakers will analyze how the new global reality is forcing the sector to transform to increase value while still supplying the market and maintaining the high standards of quality, food safety, and sustainability. Challenges to reactivate consumer demand, increase value, ensure a constant supply of raw materials and ensure a level playing field in the market will also be included. Looking forward, innovation based on digitalization, sustainable production and growth will be essential to success along with internationalization. 



- Secretary-General

EU Fish Processors and Traders AIPCE/CEP

- Chairman

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