25-27 April 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

Health & Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Health & Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Proof of Vaccination

No – Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is not required to enter Fira.


Yes, we have partnered with Quirón, a COVID-19 health monitoring and management provider, to offer ultra-high accuracy antigen & PCR testing on-site in Hall 1 of Fira. Please use the below links to book an appointment to ensure you have your results in time for your travel arrangements. Testing will be at your expense. Please note – walk-up appointments are available as well.

Antigen: https://e-quironsalud.es/fira/91-covid-19-rapid-antigen-test-in-fira

PCR: https://e-quironsalud.es/fira/103-pcr-test-in-fira

An antigen test is 19€; a PCR test is 90€.

Please visit this link for a list of local pharmacies that can perform a supervised antigen test.

Please visit this link for a list of local hospitals and other facilities and can assist with your COVID-19 testing.

TUESDAY 26 APRIL 08:00 –19:00
WEDNESDAY 27 APRIL 08:00 –19:00
THURSDAY 28 APRIL 08:00 –16:00

The rapid antigen test results should be ready immediately upon taking the test. PCR test results typically take 24 hours. After your appointment, you will receive your results electronically via email.


No. Masks are no longer required to attend the Expo. On April 20, Spanish authorities lifted the mask requirement except in certain settings like in healthcare centers, services and establishments, and in public transportation (air, rail, bus, ships) when safety distance is not guaranteed.

Medical Insurance

The event organizer, at our own cost, has secured inclusive insurance for all non-Spanish attendees and exhibitors covering the entire duration of the event, including installation, exposition, and dismantle days. Included in the insurance are medical expenses, medical transfer, and hotel stays for insured individuals. To make a claim or to inquire about coverage, please contact Europ Assistance at +34.91.536.84.18. Learn More Here »
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