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Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

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Marine House
1 Snow Hill
London EC1A2DH
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-207-246-8900
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Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organisation. We recognise and reward efforts to protect oceans and safeguard seafood supplies for the future.

We want future generations to be able to enjoy seafood and oceans full of life, forever.

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MSC Chain of Custody Standard

Why sell certified sustainable seafood?Selling and promoting MSC certified sustainable seafood as part or all of your seafood offering means you’re supporting fishing communities working hard to fish sustainably, as well as meeting increased consumer demand for sustainable and traceable seafood.Top five reasons to choose MSC - Satisfy increased demand for traceable and sustainable seafood - Choose from over 100 species of wild-capture seafood from thousands of certified suppliers - Demonstrates commitment to sustainability- Potential sales increases - Pride in helping to safeguard seafood supplies for the futureFind out more >

MSC Fisheries Standard

Become part of a collective effort to ensure healthy oceans for future generationsWorking with scientists and marine experts, we have developed the world’s most recognized standard for sustainable wild-caught seafood. Well managed fisheries that ensure the long-term sustainability of fish stocks and keep ecosystems healthy can be certified to this standard. Seafood from these fisheries canthen be sold alongside the blue MSC ecolabel. Potential benefits include: – Sustainable fisheries – Enhanced reputation – Livelihoods protected – Access to new markets – Existing markets secured – Possible price premiums – Promotional opportunitiesFind out more >


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