21-23 April 2020 | Brussels, Belgium

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Amacore Seafood BV has been nominated as finalist of the Seafood Excellence Global Awards!

Amacore is a privately owned supplier of frozen seafood, located in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands. We import, distribute, process and export to food wholesalers, distributors, food processors, food service and retail customers throughout Europe and Middle East
It all began in 2002 when a dynamic young man found his passion: trading fresh seafood under the name Open Seas (www.openseas.nl). A few years later Amacore B.V. saw the light of day, with the sale of frozen seafood as its core business. Now almost 15 years later we are a member of the Future Fish Group (www.futurefish.nl); have brought together a team of 50 dedicated professionals, and with our own production facility in the Netherlands we have strong ambitions to grow even further.

What is the mission of Amacore?
Worldwide seafood for every human being. Happy people, world class fish!

Ocean Tartinade
This year, Amacore Seafood BV of the Netherlands introduces a new line of fish delicacies, called Ocean Tartinade.

Immediately, Ocean Tartinade is nominated as a finalist for the Seafood Excellence award at the Brussels 2019 Seafood Expo Global.

Ocean Tartinade is a top quality tartar of ultrafresh fish and honest ingredients, healthy and low in calories, which offers endless ways to prepare or combine. It is excellent on sandwich or toast on its own, but a (home) chef can get creative with it as well. It is presented in three fantastic tastes; tuna, salmon and cod, and in various packaging, all with a long shelf life. It is a feast for both taste buds and the eye. It is so delicious and simple, it makes one wonder, why wasn’t this created before.

Not often something completely new is introduced in the seafood industry for both business to business and end user, but Ocean Tartinade is spot on.

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Amacore Seafood BV
Postbus 92
5081 AB Hilvarenbeek SEG Brussel 7-9 May Stand P-4509
T: 0031 13 5052116
E: info@amacore.nl W: www.amacore.nl
Contact: Huub Leenders E: huub@amacore.nl T: 0031 6 54667417

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