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Jublia – How To Guide

Seafood Expo Asia Reconnect uses Jublia’s business matchmaking and smart schedule technology to help bring world-wide seafood suppliers and Asia’s seafood buyers together. Below are tips to help you get started and answers to some frequently asked questions.

*IMPORTANT* Before you begin scheduling meetings, be sure to confirm your calendar availability and select your correct timezone. Smart schedule technology requires that buyers and suppliers be mutually available before scheduling a meeting. Without confirming your calendar and timezone, Jublia and event organizers may not be able to assist you in business matchmaking.

How do I find my way around this platform?

 The platform has a simple navigation menu with four options:

Jublia left-side navigation menu

Explore is the platform landing page

Agenda is the conference sessions

Meet is the business matchmaking portal with search and filter functionality, meeting requests you’ve received and meeting requests you’ve sent.

My Schedule is your custom page with calendar availability, time zone settings and notification preferences

How do I confirm my profile details?

To change your profile details, click on the icon at the top righthand corner of your screen. This icon will first appear as a smile face until you upload a profile image.

Select App Settings to update your shared information including your name, job title, company name, profile image, business bio and more.

You can also navigate to the icon at the top righthand corner whenever you are ready to log out of the platform.

How do I manage my meeting availability and notifications?

Click on My Schedule to view your options.

  1. The most important step here is to select your timezone. This will allow the program to accurately coordinate mutually available times for business meetings. If you do not select your timezone the program may fail to detect appropriate meeting times.
    • Click Edit
    • Select your preferred timezone or click detect to select your current timezone
  2. As a participant in the Business Matchmaking program, you can receive free notifications when your profile receives a meeting request, when a request you’ve sent has been accepted and 15 minutes before each meeting. Please confirm your preferred method for notifications.
    • Click Edit
    • Select from Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and SMS text
  3. As a third-party platform, Jubila provides the opportunity to sync calendar with your preferred calendar platform. This will allow you to seamlessly manage your existing commitments with meeting requests. Once synced, any changes to your schedule will be automatically updated.
    • Click the Edit button on Sync Calendar
    • Select from Google, Outlook or directly download to your mobile device
    • Click Save. 

How do I edit my schedule or time availability?

It is important that your indicate your available meeting slots and confirm your schedule before exploring the platform. This will ensure that all your meetings are schedule in your available time frame. 

You can edit your schedule by clicking My Schedule. to adjust your availability, just cross or tick by clicking to set your available and unavailable time slots. 

Click Confirm button to save your schedule.


How do I find relevant people or categories?

Navigate to the Meet page to begin viewing participating suppliers and their products. You can narrow down your search list by typing in the search bar or selecting the provided filters. Available search criteria includes: company name, job title, country, product, and species. 

How do I save a supplier profile to view later?

When you’ve found a company or individual of interest you can select Bookmark to save their information for later. The bookmarked profile will be stored in Meet Bookmarked section.

How do I send a meeting request?

All meeting requests require mutual confirmation from the other party. This means you should send out your meeting requests early so you’re more likely to find a mutually available time before the hour-long time slots begin to fill. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back immediately, the other party will be reminded on a timely basis (depending on their notification frequency). You will be notified once they’ve accepted and your calendar will be automatically updated when a time is agreed upon.

To send a meeting request to someone of interest,

  • Click on Meet, enter an option message to the other party
  • Click Send meeting request to confirm your arrangement

All of your sent meeting requests will appear under the Sent tab on the Meet page

 How and where do I accept a meeting request?

Meeting requests are personally sent to you by other participants in the Business Matchmaking program. Depending on your notification settings you will receive an update when another party sends a meeting request.

To view a list of requests:

  • Click on Meet then click on Requests Received 
  • Click on Accept Request and choose a suitable date and timing for your meeting

How do I decline a meeting request?

If you determine that a prospective meeting will not meet your business needs you can opt to decline a meeting.

  • Click Requested Meetings
  • Click Decline and indicate your reason of decline by selecting from the dropdown menu

How check my browser compatibility and access a scheduled meeting?

Before beginning a scheduled meeting be sure to use Jublia’s Compatibility Checker to set up your device for video meetings.

 When it is time to initiate a scheduled meeting:

  • Go to My Schedule, and you will see all of your scheduled meetings and bookmarked conference sessions.
  • Click on the camera icon next to the scheduled meeting.
  • Click Join Now to enter the meeting. Please grant access to your microphone and camera

 Multi-call Function can only accommodate up to 6 people in a video call. Once the initial users have entered the meeting room, simply copy the meeting URL and share it with the necessary colleague(s). Your colleague(s) will need to input the username before entering the meeting room.

For more support visit Jublia’s own information pages to confirm your browser version is supported and check your audio and video permissions.

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