3-5 September 2019 | Wanchai, Hong Kong
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Bulgarian White Shells Ltd

Stand 5-1007

“Bulgarian White Shells” Ltd is based in Bulgaria, specialised in catch, purification, packing and trade with whelk meat – Rapana Venosa, as well as fish processing and production of wildly caught white sand clams from the species Donax Trunculus (Tellina).

We have two production sites at Black Sea in the town of Chernomorets, Burgas province. One is specialised in white sand clams and the second one is focused on processing of fish and whelk meat. Both factories are equipped with the latest moderate technologies in the industry and are export orientated only.

We are the first licensed company for Tellina processing on the Balkans Region.

Ee Hui Food Manufacture Pte Ltd

Stand 5-1009

Ee Hui Food Manufacture was established in 1991, is a leading manufacturer of hot pot delights. Over the years, we have automated our production lines to increase productivity as well as to improve consistency of our product quality. In order to assure our customers of our commitment in food safety and quality control, we are accredited with ISO 22000 food management systems and Halal certificate to cater to our muslim customers. Our vertically integrated supply chain offers us stringent control while increasing productivity and keeps our prices competitive.

Fish Marketing Organization (FMO)

Stand 5-522

The FMO is a self-financing, non-profit making organization and now operates seven wholesale fish markets to provide efficient and orderly wholesale marketing services to fishermen, fish wholesalers and buyers. FMO and its Fish Processing Centre would assist to promote Hong Kong Accredited Fish Farm Scheme and supply the local accredited fish to customers. Current product categories include Chilled, Frozen and dried seafoods. FMO also source seafoods worldwide to satisfy local demand.

Fisher Farms, Incorporated

Stand 5-515

Fisher Farms, Inc. (FFI) is the leading acquaculture food processer and largest supplier of farm-raised seafood in the Philippines. As a pioneer innovator in acquaculture products processing, FFI supplies a wide range of premium quality, fresh, frozen, value added and processed seafood products to clientele and institutions such as supermarkets, fast food chains, restaurants, hotels, distributors and households all over the world.

From wonderfully simple dishes such as smoked milkfish to delightfully complex gourmet fish fillets and sausages, Fisher Farms’ products are sure to please even the most discriminating palates.

Great Lakes Food Company LTD

Stand 5-921

Great Lakes Food Company is the largest quota holder and principal harvester of Rainbow Smelt in North America’s Great Lakes. Our management team brings together over 140 years of combined experience in the fishing and food processing industries in addition to supporting customer requirements in food service and retail across North America, Europe and in Asia. Rainbow Smelts are the preferred choice around the globe. Their delicate sweet taste and characteristics similar to all natural wild-caught fish world-wide make them a popular product and the Great Lakes brand THE consumer favorite.

Jade Ireland

Stand 5-1106

OceanJade is an award winning Irish Seafood brand. We are proud to bring an unrivalled range of live and processed Irish crab, lobster, prawns, razor clams, scallops, whelk and whitefish. Located around the unspoilt coast of Ireland, we have access to an abundance of well-managed and sustainable stocks. These pristine, cold, unpolluted, deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean produce the finest seafood. Our fleet of modern boats bring seafood straight from the sea, to be swiftly processed, ensuring full traceability, an extraordinary freshness and a daily supply of year round fresh and seasonal seafood. If you enjoy fine, fresh and tasty seafood, we know you will love Ireland’s best kept secret, OceanJade.

Jaime Soriano S.A.

Stand 5-922

JAIME SORIANO, S.A. is a family company dedicated since 1964 to the commercialization of fish and shellfish. To date it is a multinational dedicated to buying production and maketing of products originating from the 5 oceans.

We have a wide variety of seafood products,  our flagship product being the vannamei shrimp (Penaeus vannamei).


Japan Kochi Farmed Fish Export Promotion Association

Stand 5-907

Kochi Prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku in West Japan and faces the Pacific Ocean, spanning around 713km of coastline. Here, raised in some of the cleanest marine waters in Japan, a variety of fish, including Pacific bluefin tuna, are fresh and in abundance. These are processed as high quality marine products using advanced processing technology. Kochi Prefecture is also famous for being ranked number one by national travel publications for “delicious local cuisine”, and received first place in their 2017 survey.

Paula Fish

Stand 5-523

Paula Fish factories are one of the most modern fish processing plants in Europe, like it: sprat, herring, flounder, cod, saithe, and salmon. From the very beginning, Paula Fish has been deeply and closely involved in the European and Asia markets. Its main objective of was to achieve the maximum customer trust in its products. Paula Fish is a leading multinational company with 20 years of experience in production, distribution, and selling of fish products.

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