3-5 September 2019 | Wanchai, Hong Kong
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Toford Aquaculture

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20, Yan Hai Road
Donggang , Pingtung 92849
Tel: +88688323135
Fax: +88688322726
Email: cage@toford.com
Stand #5-616c

Toford Aquaculture

For 20-plus years, Toford Aquaculture has been known and trusted by industry clients for our typhoon-ready cages that are built to weather the toughest storms. In fact, many of our earlier cages installed in 1995 are still in service today.
Today, we continued to improve our designs, striving to make our cages stronger, more durable, and safer for the companies and farmers who depend on them not only to protect their valuable fish stocks but also to keep the farmers safe.


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