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Blue Lagoon Products Pty Ltd

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20 Saldanha Road
Saldanha , Western Cape 7395
South Africa
Tel: 27733853761
Email: tdamons@blp-sa.com
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Blue Lagoon Products Pty Ltd

Blue Lagoon Products is a producer of premium quality Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) grown in the cool, nutrient rich waters of Saldanha Bay, situated on the beautiful West Coast of South Africa. Nutrient rich phytoplankton and kelp particles are brought into the bay by up-welled oceanic currents from the cold Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem, one of the world’s most productive coastal environments. This abundant food source gives our oysters a meaty consistency with a moreishly sweet, yet creamy taste profile that keeps you coming back for more.

We operate a world class processing facility accredited by South Africa’s Competent Authority and we operate in accordance with the South African Shellfish Monitoring and Control Programme (SASM&CP), our national shellfish sanitation program. All of our oysters are depurated for a minimum period of 48 hours prior to dispatch, meaning that each and every oyster leaving our factory is an export quality oyster.



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